Katie Paterson – Future Library (2014 – 2114)

Screenshot 2019-10-01 at 13.10.40.png

The Future Library is a project designed by artist Katie Paterson. What I think is so interesting about Katies work is that she is able to condense such large concepts about space and time within her art to make them simple to see and understand.

The forest is based in Nordmarka, a forest region north of Oslo in Norway. The idea behind the library is that in a 100 years time when the trees that are planted are fully grown and ready to be harvested into paper, that each tree will be 1 book.  No one will know what the books are about until the day they are published therefor leaving stories for our future generation.

It seems that today we don’t really think about anything further that 2050, so to have projects where we’re thinking about 2100 and a further future allows us to comprehend this sense of time from now till then.

Each year a writer is chosen to submit a book. The process of this submission is quite ritualistic. The writer in a sense, gives her or his manuscript to the forest, a bit like an offering.

Future Library lives online as a website


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