Ideas and thoughts for the concept

Installation concept thoughts:

This is a list of what I am currently thinking about that will help me to come up with a concept for my next piece of work:

Planets, Solar, Solar Systems, energy, bringing the outdoors indoors, movement, systems, Shepard moons, communication, natural, anthropocene, aftermath, terraforming, what happens to our energy storage? what happens to our renewable energy makes when we are no longer here? how long will our unused energy last for? what might end up using it? Sound, real instruments, conversions, light, LED’s, 8 channel array, aesthetics, climate change, climate responses, the future, sculpture.

At the moment I don’t really have a succinct idea of what it is I am going to be doing and so a few  bits of reading, some experiments and some writing need to be done to help me to put together a successful installation. It has been suggested to me to start looking at research as a different strand to the installation itself – just like writing a research paper and an installation. Maybe I will do that. Maybe a piece of text could be for the installation.

At the moment, this idea of terraforming is taking up a lot of space in my mind so I know that I should go into this a bit further. I think that the solar experiments will be good for me to understand the technology but I think it wont be until I find my feet a bit this terraforming stuff that things wont come together until then.

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