Solar Cell + Arduino: Attempt 1


This is attempt 1 of my solar cell experiment. This is because everything went really wrong. But now that I have had a few hours to reflect on todays experiment I think I can now prepare to redo my solar experiment in a few days time so that it can be successful.

I was following the youtube video that I posted in my blog last week. The persons set up was exactly what I was looking to do – connect a solar cell to an arduino with a way of measuring the voltage.


First of all I needed to attach some wires to my solar cell so that I can connect it to the Arduino. Red Wire = + (positive). Black Wire = – (negative).



After this stage I didn’t end up taking any photographs as I got a bit confused and there seemed to be not much in the way of information about what code I should use. So I thought I’d relook at the maxuino/hygrometer stuff I was doing in January and re built that – just to get back into it. Unfortunately, because of recent laptop clean up it turned out that I’d managed to delete half of my Arduino library and thus couldn’t redo that project very well and got a bit frustrated at that.

In the end I thought that I should take a break from it and go back to using data from plants just so that I could complete my experiment. What I wanted to do was use the data coming to manipulate sound in Ableton. I also realised that what I needed to do in max was to find a way to send midi messages to an audio track in Ableton so that I can use the midi messages to interrupt and manipulate the sounds.

My thought was that with the data taken from ‘machines’ I would be able to manipulate soundscapes as a response to terraforming through sound.

Screenshot 2019-10-03 at 17.56.46.png

This thread on the arduino forum will help me for next time.



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