Installation Mood Board


I’ve started up a mood board on pinterest with installation ideas – this involves aesthetics, sculpture, light work, sound work and other bits of inspiration. I felt that this would help me to get a better perspective on what it is want to achieve with this final project. As I am currently feeling a little bit lost (and in a slight creative block) with what I am doing to have space where I can put lots of ideas might be good for me. For me I think it is also about me scaling back ideas and focusing on the concepts. After then I hope that these concepts will organically grow and then I’ll be able to merge my ideas within the technology that I would like to use. This is part of my research and development period for the installation. Reading week is the 4th of November – this is my deadline research and development and will start to plan the final installation during this week. I’ve called it the Terraforming Installation for the time being as this is what I am responding to. 


Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 15.02.56.png


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