Sector Mapping + Ecological Sound Artist

I’ve done a bit of work on sector mapping in the past but I still don’t think I have fully engaged with target audience as such. I have recently understood my arts practice as being within the Ecological Sound Art sector. This may not necessarily be a standalone field in it’s own right but I feel it should be. The way I am integrating relationships with the environment and ourselves and the use of digitalising data feeds into this area. I think though, as some of art steps into the realm of audiovisual I think for me that when I am working on this kind of project I step away from the audio visual for moment to look at what the sound is doing. I think that sometimes the visual element is not essential. An environmental audio-visual artist is a bit of a mouth-full. If I was to chose one for my website I think I would stick with audio visual artist but make it clear that I am responding to ecological and environmental problems.

Target audience: My target audience may be a mixture – those that are interested in spatial sound, some that are interested in plants and some that are interested in environmental art. It is these different fields that I think make an audience very special. You start to get conversations going between different practices. This is the most affective thing I could hope to achieve. Even if the artwork isn’t that great (although I hope it will be) the conversations that come out of it are really important. A lot of this is due to my interests in networking and my strengths in getting people together that would necessarily meet. It is not just a networking thing for myself but to create conversations for the audiences as a starting point.

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