New Speakers




I have decided that for me to really take myself seriously as an audio visual artist working in spatial sound that I really need to invest in my own equipment to allow me to carry on what I am doing after university. This really means the resources that I will have access to.

These are the new Genelec 8019A and stands. The reason why I chose these are because not only are they super smart also they have a low energy usage for such powerful speakers. Each speaker has max of 30w and can go up to 96db on full. Although I wont be using anything that loud, for me it is really important to be using energy efficient equipment when and where I can to help me to keep track of my own carbon footprint.

The stands are really smart and looks really professional. Compared to the speakers I have been using previously (that are in the background in the photograph below) they are tiny!

Having this multi-channel setup will allow me to expand my practice more and to experiment with spatial sound. I feel like I am working properly as an artist now and think that this is probably the best move for me to make at this point in my career.



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