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Event: What to do next

After deciding on an idea for an event that will take place outside of university. I will need contact the following people to allow the design thinking process to start. These are what in the Design Thinking process are called Stakeholders. By contacting them and starting a dialogue, the project will change shape and develop […]

Article: Underwater growing pods

Article: Micro-Photosynthetic Power Cells

Claudia Comte: I Have Grown Taller From Standing With Trees

At the Copenhagen Contemporary, Claudi Comte has just opened her new piece I Have Grown Taller From Standing With Trees. This exhibition is displayed in the main exhibition space at the CC and  features several 6meter tall logged and stripped Spruce Trees. Depicting a kind of forest, the ‘spruce trees are positioned along a grid […]

My Initial Event Ideas

For this module I have been thinking about how to fit my own practice into my event. Having put on events for other people in the past, it is hard for me to get my head round putting on something for myself or including myself into the final event like this. Therefore I would like […]

5 Stages of Design Thinking

Still trying to get my head around it all but here is some more information about the 5 stages of design thinking. Because Design Thinking has a non-linear nature, you are able to go between all the stages. but it is important to not skip a stage – which has been difficult for me not […]

Personas (Design Thinking) + Walt Disney Method

Personas You will need to create personas for you event. The problems that the persona has will take you to an investigation.   Walt Disney Method The Outsider – this is someone with an outside perspective The Dreamer – Anything is possible with the dreamer – you can then use the dreamer ideas and split […]

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a creative innovative process for human centred solutions and design. Design thinking as a process is value chain analysis   There are 5 stages to the design thinking process:   Empathize – what do the audience want/do not want Define – looking at trends Ideate – what would the ideal event be […]

Coral Reefs + Algae +Sound

After looking at plants for quite an intensive few months I think I need a bit of a break from that.  I am still really interested in the Plant sounds and really want to develop the BioSymphony further but I think I need to take a new perspective on it, or focus on a new […]

Installation Promo Video