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Installation Documentation/Promotion Video

(Un)Heard from Teddy Hunter on Vimeo.

Art Space / Kulturhuset / Jönköping, Sweden

At the weekend I went to Sweden for a Biosphere conference. I ended up visiting this art space named the Kulturhuset which is based in central Jönköping. The space is volunteer led and has an amazing array of equipment from wood workshops to pottery rooms to music rehearsal spaces and gig spaces with the ability […]

(Un)Heard Evaluation

Wednesday 15th of May // (Un)Heard at SHIFT   I can’t really believe how I managed to do this and I still can really believe that there were over 100 people at the show. I have also been receiving messages over the weekend from people apologising that they didn’t make it too. ❤ There are […]

(Un)Heard Programme notes

Last set up + Adding lights

It has come to the point where (scarily) this will be the last setup/test day until the install of the installation. Rosey came with me the Cheltenham so that she can hear what it all sounds like then we have a week or so until we can properly refine and mix things at SHIFT.   […]

Biodata/Plant Print

After attending an Olafur Arnolds concert at St Davids Hall in March, I saw that he had made prints that were a visual accompaniment to the MIDI data he has been using for the Ghost Piano’s that he has designed. I felt that for my show, the installation needs something more to it that just […]

Day at the office – Working on World 2

I needed to work on one world at a time so I decided to work on the one world I wasn’t comfortable/satisfied with at the moment. This was World 2 (or the Left world – coloured coded Orange).   First I needed to set up the speaker array. This was the first time I’d put […]

Mira Calix – ‘Nothing is Set in Stone’

I have been doing some re-reading of past research I have done as well as new research for the essay that I am writing.  One of the pieces that I am writing about in essay is a piece by Mira Calix titled ‘Nothing Is Set I Stone’. Mira Calix is big influence on me and […]

Holly Herndon Holly Herndon is an American composer and sound artist based in San Fransisco. Her music is predominantly computer based and uses MAX MSP to create instruments and vocal processors. I am really interested in the way the in which she composes her music with vocal editing and and the use of experimental sounds. […]

The Adventures of Unblocked Ears – Katharina Hauke – Mikrokontrolleur

  This is audio-piece by the sound artist Katharina Hauke. Her MikroKontrolleur project is an ‘all-imporvisation-instrument working with live sound input and modulatio as well as with sampling and sample destruction.’ It was developed, designed, built an programmed by Katharina Hauke and Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes ( at UdK Berlin and within the 3Dmin […]