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Bill Viola

‘The Veiling’. 1995 ‘Catherines Room’. 2001. video installation ‘Bodies of Light’

Plants and People tour // the museum

On Tuesday I went to the National Museum of Wales for the Plants and People tour and talk.  They showed us the Botany collection and herbarium which was absolutely amazing. It really opened me up into a different way of thinking about plants – especially seeing how they archive them.  

My Initial Event Ideas

For this module I have been thinking about how to fit my own practice into my event. Having put on events for other people in the past, it is hard for me to get my head round putting on something for myself or including myself into the final event like this. Therefore I would like […]

Audio Visual festival train thoughts

I’m on  train so here a bunch of thoughts that I have about the  Audio visual festival I am working  on.   When will it be – currently I am thinking  November time. Although I have  just realise  that pretty much right after Swn festival they put up the Christian  market. That could b  interest […]

A Value Proposition Canvas

A Value Proposition Canvas is a customer and provider model whereby the goods/organisation/service/outcome is devised to have a promise value. The idea is that when using this mode you are able to ‘convince’ your consumer that your product or whatever is much better, superior to that of its rivals product/creation.   Short history of the […]

Festival Proposals – initial ideas

  Within this module, MD7403 – Creativity in Context – My proposal will be to curate and provide an audio visual festival. There will be two out comes for this module. This is due to the timings of the summer festival season as well as how I see the next stage of a project I […]

Who is Teddy Hunter

Who is Teddy Hunter   These days the line has blurred between who it is as a persona and pseudonym, and real person. Is it an artist, a musician, or is it both, or is it just Jess or is it all of it at once. I question myself continuously as to whether I am […]

Creativity in Context – Mood Board

Here are some examples of artwork, artists, thinkers that have inspired me to take on my project.   An artist that has always been a big influence on me is the work of Mira Calix. One of my favourite installations of her is My Secret Heart. A recent collaborative artwork of she was involved in […]