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Arne Naess

Arne Naess is a Norwegian Philosopher that I keep being drawn back to but have only really started to understand his views on nature and our environments. His thoughts around Ecosophy I really get – this equilibrium in nature and beings. I think a lot of things can come from this way of thinking and […]

Folk Revivals

Politics and music in the 1960’s by Eyerman and Jamison.   Bob Dylan would be the first person that comes to mind when talking about folk music. Pete Seeger – ‘If I had  Hammer’ (1956)   Woody Guthri – ‘This Land is You Land'(1945) Socialist lyrics Tying back into politicial messages is this video a […]

Critical Contexts

Assignment details: 300 word abstraction for the 4000 word essay that will be due in in the second semester.   Due date: Monday 10th December 2018