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Studio weekend 2

This weekends mission was to try and ‘hack’ an E4L MAX patch. My aim was the make the sound more reverberant and large in the space the longer you hold on to the plant. First of all I needed to figure out how to make the counter object reset then I can use this to […]

Solar Cell + Attempt 2

Attempt two was much more successful! After knowing what exactly went wrong I kind of just came across the code I needed on the Arduino website. It was good for me to take a step back and look at what went wrong and then re-attempt the experiment.         This is the code […]

Envelop: Recording Ambisonic File

Instructions for Recording Beneath the metering is the recording section. The E4L Master Bus can record and save multi-channel AIFF files containing the Ambisonics audio. These files can later be played back using the E4L B-Format Sampler or other Ambisonics software. To record Ambisonics audio: First, ensure that Live playback is stopped (the controls are disabled while playback is […]

Recreating Array/designing test setup

Yesterday we dismantled the array to see if we could reconfigure a set up that I could take to an external space and test there. We were going to set-up the array in the reception area but just didn’t get round to doing that because of lots of troubleshooting things. There were lots of discussions […]

Video: How To Connect MIDI controller to Max MSP


MIDI- Sprout Opening + Testing

  The MIDI Sprout has arrived!   The MIDI Sprout comes with an adapter that allows me to connect it up to my phone and use the MIDI Sprout app or I can input straight into my computer just like MIDI controller. These instructions are useful: MIDI Sprout Instructions     I placed the sensors […]

Max4Live +Ableton

Even though I have been working on a massive patch for most of the semester I have just found out a SUPER easy way to have everything working. I have just been shown how to Max4Live in Ableton and it just made my whole life SO much easier! Now I can really see how all […]

Patch So Far

This is the Max patch so far. I’ve been working away at in drabs. I feel like I am understanding things in Max a lot more clearly now. After having a couple years break from it, things are starting to make a little bit of sense. I get lost in what I have actually done […]

Max MSP/Envelope/Understanding Ambisonics

  San Fransisco firm Envelop have created a a multi touch controller for spatializing sound called The Sensel Morph. This controller allows for real time sound movement within the Envelop venue.  This space is 3rd order ambisonics system, mediated by Max for Live. B-Format is 1st order which encodes the directional information of a given […]

Harpex Plugin

For using Logic in TC202 the Harpex Plugin is what I’ll need to use to playback my ambisonic field recordings.   ‘Harpex is a signal processing algorithm designed to extract the maximum amount of spatial information from sound field recordings. With the Harpex plug-ins, content creators use this technology to transform sound field recordings in […]