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Field recording in the Forest of Dean

At the weekend I went to the Forest of Dean to do some ambisonic recordings of the forest. I left really early so that it wasn’t busy and to spend to whole day there. I have only been to the Forest of Dean once but have never really been there by myself or as a […]

Listening to recordings in TC202

After going out and making several recordings in Roath Park Conservatory I took my recordings and imported them into Logic (at first) and then after a while of playing with the sounds in Logic, I then moved to Ableton Live. Although I don’t mind using Logic, I find Ableton a lot more visual so I […]

Recording in Roath Park Conservatory

  This is the first time I’ve used a Soundfield microphone so it was all a bit of a learning curve. I should have taken a picture of all the gear but the most basics of it are a an F4 Zoom multichannel recorder, some cables and a Soundfield microphone.   ‘The Soundfield microphone is […]

Thought Process behind TreeClouds

The last exhibition that feature work by Teddy Hunter was STRAVAIG. This exhibition featured work that was still in the process of development. Our gallery space in the studio of my course – Art, Space and Nature – is named the Tent Gallery. In this space, our program of 9 students, we able to exhibit […]