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Video: How To Connect MIDI controller to Max MSP


Video: connecting MIDI Sprout to Ableton

Installation Plant Sounds

Although it has become obvious to me that the sound of of the installation have become slightly secondary within the project. Now I am more focused on the sound…. which is probably a good thing… For me, one of the questions I am really battling against is the notion of aesthetic environments and how ambient […]

MIDI- Sprout Opening + Testing

  The MIDI Sprout has arrived!   The MIDI Sprout comes with an adapter that allows me to connect it up to my phone and use the MIDI Sprout app or I can input straight into my computer just like MIDI controller. These instructions are useful: MIDI Sprout Instructions     I placed the sensors […]

How do plants emit voltages + Plant-e

This has been puzzling me for a while… I have recently found out that the emission of electrons are a waste product  from bacteria found in the plants roots. The bacteria breakdown organic matter produced by a plant from the photosynthesis process . This first made me questions that I might be wrong about all […]

Closed Ecosystems: Terrariums

A Terrarium is a vivarium for smaller land animals, especially reptiles, amphibians, or terrestrial invertebrates, typically in the form of a glass-fronted case. A sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown I have been thinking about active environments and how my installation isn’t very active. A plants natural environment is full […]

How to build a terrarium    

Resolume for visuals

I have decided that instead of programming in max msp to edit the visuals that it would be easier to use Resolume to do to the three way projection. As it is easy to sync Resolume with Ableton I am not looking into how to edit the visuals on there own using triggers/Max MSP to […]

Max4Live +Ableton

Even though I have been working on a massive patch for most of the semester I have just found out a SUPER easy way to have everything working. I have just been shown how to Max4Live in Ableton and it just made my whole life SO much easier! Now I can really see how all […]

Preliminary Set Up

  This was supposed to be a preliminary set up but it started falling into place and as I found out that the screens could stay up over the Christmas break  – and the layout was likely not to change, it has ended up being the final set up.   This is a sketch of […]