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Installation Time-lapse

(Un)Heard Install Timelapse from Teddy Hunter on Vimeo. Advertisements

Installation Documentation/Promotion Video

(Un)Heard from Teddy Hunter on Vimeo.

(Un)Heard Installation Presentation

(Un)Heard Evaluation

Wednesday 15th of May // (Un)Heard at SHIFT   I can’t really believe how I managed to do this and I still can really believe that there were over 100 people at the show. I have also been receiving messages over the weekend from people apologising that they didn’t make it too. ❤ There are […]

(Un)Heard Programme notes

(Un)Heard Manual

13/05/19 – 16/05/19 (Un)Heard – Teddy Hunter                                             Equipment List – UoG – 2019   AUDIO 16x Genelec speakers + 16x IEC power cables 12x Speaker stands GLM Box, incl. Volume controller, calibration microphone, mic stand & USB cable 2x iMacs (21” & 27”) incl. IEC power cables, mouse & keyboard 2x PreSonus […]

Last set up + Adding lights

It has come to the point where (scarily) this will be the last setup/test day until the install of the installation. Rosey came with me the Cheltenham so that she can hear what it all sounds like then we have a week or so until we can properly refine and mix things at SHIFT.   […]

Day at the office – Working on World 2

I needed to work on one world at a time so I decided to work on the one world I wasn’t comfortable/satisfied with at the moment. This was World 2 (or the Left world – coloured coded Orange).   First I needed to set up the speaker array. This was the first time I’d put […]

colour coding the installation

The next bit of organisation was colour code everything so that it will be easy to assemble when I get to SHIFT. It is split into 3 colours – Yellow (right world), Orange (left world) and Green (central world). The back of each speaker is also assigned a number that correlates with it’s output on […]

(Un) Heard: promotion

  As mentioned in an earlier post, it has taken a long time figure out the name of the installation. I’ve gone with (Un)Heard. I’m pleased to finally have something down for it as it has been talks for ages with SHIFT but I hadn’t been able to give them anything to promote it.   […]