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Live Show Evaluation

Evaluation Marketing/Promo and Sound Coming up to the grad show there was a lot of organising that needed doing. As designated head of promo I felt there was a fair bit that we could do to raise money and have an amazing grad show where it would essentially be the last time I would probably […]

Promo – After party at Zerodegrees Cardiff

I really really didn’t want to have the after party in Le Pub or The Marangers or well.. in Newport in general. So after searching around for a venue I finally found Zero Degrees Brewery in Cardiff. At first I tried Urban Taphouse who did orignally say yes and gave me quite a good deal […]

Brochures and Programmes being printed

Finally the inside of the brochure is done and the brochure as well as the poster have been sent off to print! They should be ready for Thursday! For the brochure, at first I was thinking that the inside could be map like – a reference to deleuze – but then, as time was upon […]

60 – 100 words and image

Below is my 60-100 word write up that has gone onto the Deleuezians of Grandeur website and the brochure that is being printed – with an image of me and my installtion. I chose this image because you cant really see me but it shows I am there and I that I have been a […]

installation set up for show

This is a panorama shot of the installation when it was first setup for the gradshow. During the set up my documentary and film friends filmed the installment of the installation as well as recording a time lapse and a small interview at the end so that they could make a short promo video. There […]

T e d d y H u n t e r

I have decided to use the psuedonym Teddy Hunter. I like the idea of an artist name because I feel like I have have a bit more freedom to do what I want to do. I have chosen a name that isn’t particularly gender specific – even though it hints towards the male gender you […]

screen making

These are the screens that I have made for the installation – there are 4 screens. I had to get some new wood as the wood I was originally using for the previous screens wasn’t sturdy enough when hung in the dance studio. 2 of the cotton sheets are plain white and the other two, […]

Film editing

To edit the 4 films for the installation I used the footage that we shot separately to the Stables Lament – saying that though, I used some of the shots from the film as they we just really lovely. Each screen has a stationary shot of one of these different areas in the stable: Because […]

Live Show Promo

As head of the promo and marketing aswell as being committed to the sound team I have tried to be as organized as I can about organizing the show. I have found that it has been very difficult to communicate with a lot of the year and feel that I have got a majority of […]

Final Out Come

This is the final outcome of my production module. The video itself is a headphones only film with the use of a mix of stereo and binaural recording. It has been a long and slow process but in the end I think it came out quite well. The direction of the film changed many times […]