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EP Release

EP is now available to download for free on SoundCloud!  


Today is the pre-release of the second track off my EP. You’ll be able to download this track from SoundCloud and Band Camp! Please take and listen a share it about. All feedback is welcome. Enjoy! The rest of the EP is released next Monday, the 23rd of December!

Promoting Music With SoundCloud

SoundCloud is used by most musicians – from amateur to full time. Because it utilizes all possible tags and other data fields when you upload a track. This is what musicians want as it targets the right audience when promoting their music. Tags and like the hash tags of twitter or Instagram, the more tags […]

Work In Progress and Release Strategy

What and how I am going to release my music for my networking music module has changed a little bit. I will still be releasing an EP but my promotional strategy has changed. I am going to split it into two stages. On the 16th of December is going to be my pre-release date. On […]

Using Facebook as a Promotional Tool

Marketing on social networking sites is a modern tool that provides advertisers with the ability to target large audiences based on site users’ personal interests and what theirs friends like. Most businesses, musicians/bands/artist will have a Facebook page. This is because Facebook it is cost effective (free – as are a majority of social media […]

Retail and Distribution

The current retail and distribution model allows the artist to sell music directly as well as go to a distribution company directly instead of having to find a record label that will then sell to a distribution label who will then go to retail like in the old model. Today most major labels have direct […]

Cecile Chaminade

Cecile Chaminade (1857 – 1994) was a French composer and pianist who was the first female composer to be award the Legion d’Honneur in 1913. I’d never heard of her till quit recently. The first time I heard ‘Automne’ I didn’t actually know it was written by a female composer and to be honest I […]

New Song (Final Edit)

After a few days I got a bit of feedback from friends, musicians and bloggers. So here is the new edited version. I have added harmonies and a second ukulele part just to make the texture begin to feel like its not so empty. Personally I think it sounds much better with everything else to […]

New song – a work in progress

So this is one of my first singer-songwriter type songs that I’ve ever written. Its a work in progress, just trying to find my own sound at the moment but feedback would be great. Its not that well recorded but i hope you get the gist of it. I’ve been playing the ukulele none stop […]