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Composition: Structuring Images – lecture notes

Composition The word composition combing or putting together parts to form a whole. Composition can apply to make works of human endeavor including music and writing – in fact anything that is arranged or ‘put together’ using conscious thought. the rules and conventions of composition are: Rule of Thirds- Divide the image into thirds, if […]

Images Into Music – lecture notes

My second brief for the Music and Visual Media module is to create a sound or a piece of music that is related to a 2D piece of art – A painting, photograph or mixed media etc. some examples of artists that listen to music and visualize it in their art are Jackson Pollock, Mondrian […]

Photoshop Lesson 1

This was my first lesson using Photoshop. I have used it in the past but never really got to grips with it. We started off by importing an image from the internet and getting used to¬† layering images with texts and how to manipulate its style and colouring. I like the idea of using found […]

The Colour Organ

The Colour Organ was a standard harpsichord with 60 small windows of coloured glass panels. In correspondent to the sound the glass panels would illuminate. The term ‘colour organ’ became very popular in the 60’s and 70’s as it was often used to create light shows where electronic devices would respond to music inputs. A […]

Sunday Work

Today I’ve just been doing research and updating my blog, some pages are empty but soon will be filled with some interesting stuff!

Music and Visual Media

These are some album artworks that I consider as good examples of Aesthetics within Music. The first is New Order’s album ‘Movement’. This New Order album, by Peter Saville, is an example of album artwork that has been influenced by the Bauhaus movement. It is a very Germanic in style with simple easy to read […]