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Live Music Economics

Since the 2000’s it is very noticeable in today’s economy that there is a growth in performance and live music with live music making up 2/3 of a musicians income. Now there are at least 450 festivals in the UK alone but there has seen to be a decline in festivals because of the whole […]

Golden Leaves Music Video This is a video made by the lovely people at Wappato Media House for my song Golden Leaves! Enjoy!

EP Release

EP is now available to download for free on SoundCloud!  


The artwork for my EP was done by my sister George Myers. She is an artist in London. The idea was that we both be advertising each others work when the release came out. This is what she came up with as artwork.    

23rd Decemeber


Today is the pre-release of the second track off my EP. You’ll be able to download this track from SoundCloud and Band Camp! Please take and listen a share it about. All feedback is welcome. Enjoy! The rest of the EP is released next Monday, the 23rd of December!

Promoting Music With SoundCloud

SoundCloud is used by most musicians – from amateur to full time. Because it utilizes all possible tags and other data fields when you upload a track. This is what musicians want as it targets the right audience when promoting their music. Tags and like the hash tags of twitter or Instagram, the more tags […]

Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails

In releasing their 2007 record In Rainbows, Radiohead made their album available as a pay what you want download giving consumers a choice on how much they think it is worth. Thom Yorke questions the real value of music but at the same time makes a huge profit from this release strategy. Because of how […]

Work In Progress and Release Strategy

What and how I am going to release my music for my networking music module has changed a little bit. I will still be releasing an EP but my promotional strategy has changed. I am going to split it into two stages. On the 16th of December is going to be my pre-release date. On […]

Using Facebook as a Promotional Tool

Marketing on social networking sites is a modern tool that provides advertisers with the ability to target large audiences based on site users’ personal interests and what theirs friends like. Most businesses, musicians/bands/artist will have a Facebook page. This is because Facebook it is cost effective (free – as are a majority of social media […]