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Using Facebook as a Promotional Tool

Marketing on social networking sites is a modern tool that provides advertisers with the ability to target large audiences based on site users’ personal interests and what theirs friends like. Most businesses, musicians/bands/artist will have a Facebook page. This is because Facebook it is cost effective (free – as are a majority of social media […]

Retail and Distribution

The current retail and distribution model allows the artist to sell music directly as well as go to a distribution company directly instead of having to find a record label that will then sell to a distribution label who will then go to retail like in the old model. Today most major labels have direct […]

Music Release Pitch

What I am going to release For my final project I am going to release 2 songs. 1 of which will be the main song that I will promote along with a video, but both will have a joint piece of artwork to bring them together into one package. I have two songs written already […]

Views on copyright and the rights of musicians.

Today, there are so many different laws within copyright – for books, film, music and the internet. Sometimes it is hard to establish who own the music – the artist or the record label. The basic breakdown of it is: When a musician writes down a song, by law, the musician owns the right to […]

Releasing and Promoting Music

I haven’t released much music as I consider a lot of my music not be at a standard that I would like it. I’ve only just started putting music onto Sound Cloud since I’ve gone to university. At the Moment I am only using Sound Cloud and YouTube, as they are easily accessible, social, free […]