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Uni is Nearly Over

Well what can I say, I’m kind of a bit emotional at the moment. This past week I’ve had deadlines in every other day, then I have an exam next Thursday and then I’m done for the summer! A mixture of relief, stress and the fact that I will be going home in just under […]

16mm Film

The first assignment of my Frame by Frame module here at OCADU was to make an animation of about 15-30 seconds on 16mm film. As it is a new module it is always changing and is really flexible on what work we produce from all the different techniques we are being showed. For this assignment […]

Sonics Arts and Assignment 2

Here in Canada at the amazing university that is OCAD, I am studying a module called Sonic Arts. I have found that in the last 4 weeks we have covered very similar ground to that of the Music and Visual Media module I did last year at Newport and studio work that is very similar […]

History of New Media Art -Historical Artifacts 1 – lecture notes

This lecture is based on the reading ‘The Machine Age and Modernism’ by Margo Lovejoy. Lovejoy uses the 1920’s as a starting point for this chapter. She then introduces us to new philosophical models such as Karl Marx and Sigmund Feud to try to explain these new experiences that new media art brings us. ‘Freud’s […]