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Final Out Come

This is the final outcome of my production module. The video itself is a headphones only film with the use of a mix of stereo and binaural recording. It has been a long and slow process but in the end I think it came out quite well. The direction of the film changed many times […]

book – page drafts

ARTica Contemporary Art

Submission outline: Open Call for Artists and Curators 2015 Artica Contemporary Art | Deadline for Submissions: June 29, 2015 No entry fees. ARTICA is now accepting submissions from both Artists and Curators from the international scene. We seek artists whose works provoke thought, reaction and engagement on visual and conceptual levels, and are capable of […]

Aesthetica Magazine, Aesthetica Art Prize and Aesthetica Short Film Festival

I have been following Aesthetica magazine for a while and I have known that they have been running the Art Prize for a few years now. Everything about Aesthetica magazine I love and I end up following it daily.  It is an arts and culture magazine that focuses primarily on contemporary visual arts. The magazines […]

Second Edit of A Stables Lament

Today I finished a second edit. I don’t feel I could have done as much as I could to it but I think that I need a fresh look on it – some fresh eyes. So I’m going to pass it on to a few people and ask them what they think. Especially about timing. […]

Potential Architecture

This weekend I went to visit the Potential Architecture exhibition at the Ambika P3 which is in the basement area of one of the campuses of the University of Westminster. Alongside the exhibition were some talks that I attended. The 3 talks/performances I went to see were: Sandie Macrae in conversation with Sean Griffiths Sunday […]

Submitting for festivals/conferences/exhibition

A specific part of my target audience attend and enter artwork/sound to conferences, festivals, competitions and exhibitions. The panel that look at the submissions for these types of competitions are the people I need to look at my work to hopefully get some commissions. It is because the area that I am working in is […]

First Edit for StablePark short

This is the first edit of StablePark. As you watch it you will notice that the sound isn’t edited right and there are some talking in places. This is because this edit it simply to get together the images and to decided on a structure that works. With the other first edits I have done […]

Finalising the Abandoned Symphonies Concept

This post is going to re-iterate things I have posted in the past but will hopefully clarify things a little more clearly. After this post I will then post the first edit of the film short and discuss where it is going and how it fits in with the Abandoned Symphonies concept and idea. Firstly, […]

3rd Visit Drawn Plans