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3rd Visit to Abandoned Stable

This is the 3rd trip I’ve made to the abandoned stable but this time I was so much more prepared than the last two visits. There are 4 different set ups – this will be one setup per screen. These shots are the still moving shots I mentioned in a previous post.       […]

Edit 1 of StablePark video

This is the first edit of one of the Abandoned Symphonies films. Right now it is just a montage of all the clips and trying to get the binarual sound to work with the imagery. I have found that it has been a really slow process because I am never too sure on what I […]

StablePark re-shoot

As I didn’t have enough footage for this film short I decided to go back and do a re-shoot. As we only had a limited amount of time when filming here last time it got quite dark so it made sense to go back and do everything properly. So today my friend who is doing […]


I’ve setup a website/online portfolio that I made for my application for a Masters degree. Its is not quite finished yet but throughout my Portfolio and Professional Development module that I have this semester it will hopefully become more profession and will be used as an online show case portfolio for me to send off […]

Next Location – Old Stable

The next location I am using is an abandoned stable in Chepstow that Mike (one of my film crew) knew about. Aesthetically it looks really lovely and I think it will work really well in the Abandoned Symphonies series. The only thing is is that it is quite open aired, the fact that there is […]

The Three Amigos

My lovely film crew Mike and Simon will be helping me film and driving to abandoned places on this project. In return I will give them food and music for their films. Seems like a good deal to me! Simon helped me film and record sound at the Church in Bristol as well as all […]

Project Changes

The Abandoned Symphonies project has had quite a few changes. One of those being that it is no longer a collaborative project. This isn’t due to conflicting idea’s but because of schedules and other projects for our separate courses. My friend who I was collaborating with has kindly still offered to help out with filming. […]

Target Audience

My intended target audience is a little harder than the audience I target for my singer-songwriter music but I will use this audience to begin with – such as my facebook page, twitter and tumblr to build up my audience. Because my work is a mixture of film, music – both sound in space and […]

PassM4 – episode one – work in progress

PassM4 is the first episode of the Abandoned Symphonies series. Filmed under the motorway bypass, PassM4 shows beauty in an unexpected area – with calm colours, and sound of the motorway above echoing through but then slowly becomes part of the natural man-made landscape that has decayed over the years. I sung this song under […]

Work Schedule and Release Date

This is a provisional schedule that I am going to keep a close to as possible Release Date Aim: The provisional release date for this project will be alongside my installation, the 9th of May – but I am looking into having a screening of the mini series the night before the end of year […]