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Claudia Comte: I Have Grown Taller From Standing With Trees

At the Copenhagen Contemporary, Claudi Comte has just opened her new piece I Have Grown Taller From Standing With Trees. This exhibition is displayed in the main exhibition space at the CC and  features several 6meter tall logged and stripped Spruce Trees. Depicting a kind of forest, the ‘spruce trees are positioned along a grid […]

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Installation Plant Sounds

Although it has become obvious to me that the sound of of the installation have become slightly secondary within the project. Now I am more focused on the sound…. which is probably a good thing… For me, one of the questions I am really battling against is the notion of aesthetic environments and how ambient […]

How do plants emit voltages + Plant-e

This has been puzzling me for a while… I have recently found out that the emission of electrons are a waste product  from bacteria found in the plants roots. The bacteria breakdown organic matter produced by a plant from the photosynthesis process . This first made me questions that I might be wrong about all […]

How to build a terrarium    

Zul Mahmod

  Zul Mahmod is singapore’s leading sound artist. Coming from a sculpture background he uses materials and space to design often very experimental sound installations. These installations tend to very rhythmical. Below is a video of SONICconversations (2017). Made from metals piped, 128 solenoids and 2 microcontrollers. This installation is programmed by a computer […]

Notes from Soundscape Music Paper

Notes from Soundscape: In The View of Music by Zhiyong Deng ‘To distinguish the soundscape composition from other compositions clearer, we try to come up with a definition of soundscape music. Soundscape music is a genre which full of musicality with the essential characters of time identifiablity or localization utilizing sound materials to express local […]

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Recording in Roath Park Conservatory

  This is the first time I’ve used a Soundfield microphone so it was all a bit of a learning curve. I should have taken a picture of all the gear but the most basics of it are a an F4 Zoom multichannel recorder, some cables and a Soundfield microphone.   ‘The Soundfield microphone is […]


Dendrochronological; tree-ring dating. Dendrochonology is the scientific method of dating trees to the exact year they were formed. With this information we are able to analyze the atmospheric conditions at different periods in history. Tree rings are also known as growth rings.