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(Un)Heard Programme notes

Small version of installation + experimenting and testing

This week we have been testing and experimenting the design I came up with for the installation. A lot of the talk about the installation and how it will works has beenĀ  a working theory. But I have always been optimistic that it would work. Once we know whether the installation will work with the […]

Holly Herndon Holly Herndon is an American composer and sound artist based in San Fransisco. Her music is predominantly computer based and uses MAX MSP to create instruments and vocal processors. I am really interested in the way the in which she composes her music with vocal editing and and the use of experimental sounds. […]

The Adventures of Unblocked Ears – Katharina Hauke – Mikrokontrolleur

  This is audio-piece by the sound artist Katharina Hauke. Her MikroKontrolleur project is an ‘all-imporvisation-instrument working with live sound input and modulatio as well as with sampling and sample destruction.’ It was developed, designed, built an programmed by Katharina Hauke and Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes ( at UdK Berlin and within the 3Dmin […]

Bill Viola

‘The Veiling’. 1995 ‘Catherines Room’. 2001. video installation ‘Bodies of Light’

Charles Atlas – Joints 4tet Ensemble

Charles Atlas is an American artist whose primary medium is video. Atlas also experiments with live electronic performance and is the pioneer of the development of media-dance – which also know as dance for camera. This above installing is named Joints 4tet Ensemble. The one thing that realy struck me about this installation is the […]

Installation Day 1

Day one of install was mainly to get the projectors up and running. We had the box that enabled me to split the screens 3 ways but was just waiting on long enough cables to run from the computer to the projectors. I didn’t have the visuals ready yet so I just projected my Noctilucence […]

Installation Plant Sounds

Although it has become obvious to me that the sound of of the installation have become slightly secondary within the project. Now I am more focused on the sound…. which is probably a good thing… For me, one of the questions I am really battling against is the notion of aesthetic environments and how ambient […]

MIDI- Sprout Opening + Testing

  The MIDI Sprout has arrived!   The MIDI Sprout comes with an adapter that allows me to connect it up to my phone and use the MIDI Sprout app or I can input straight into my computer just like MIDI controller. These instructions are useful: MIDI Sprout Instructions     I placed the sensors […]

Preliminary Set Up

  This was supposed to be a preliminary set up but it started falling into place and as I found out that the screens could stay up over the Christmas breakĀ  – and the layout was likely not to change, it has ended up being the final set up.   This is a sketch of […]