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Installation Day 1

Day one of install was mainly to get the projectors up and running. We had the box that enabled me to split the screens 3 ways but was just waiting on long enough cables to run from the computer to the projectors. I didn’t have the visuals ready yet so I just projected my Noctilucence […]

Installation Plant Sounds

Although it has become obvious to me that the sound of of the installation have become slightly secondary within the project. Now I am more focused on the sound…. which is probably a good thing… For me, one of the questions I am really battling against is the notion of aesthetic environments and how ambient […]

MIDI- Sprout Opening + Testing

  The MIDI Sprout has arrived!   The MIDI Sprout comes with an adapter that allows me to connect it up to my phone and use the MIDI Sprout app or I can input straight into my computer just like MIDI controller. These instructions are useful: MIDI Sprout Instructions     I placed the sensors […]

Preliminary Set Up

  This was supposed to be a preliminary set up but it started falling into place and as I found out that the screens could stay up over the Christmas break  – and the layout was likely not to change, it has ended up being the final set up.   This is a sketch of […]

BioSymphony Final Submission Pitch

Conceptual ideas and things that are important to me   Environmental issues need to be addressed Feel it should be in a subtle way My way of doing this is with the sonogram or by a visual output     How will it be subtle? The sonogram (or visual element) will overdub itself slowly and […]

Notes from Soundscape Music Paper

Notes from Soundscape: In The View of Music by Zhiyong Deng ‘To distinguish the soundscape composition from other compositions clearer, we try to come up with a definition of soundscape music. Soundscape music is a genre which full of musicality with the essential characters of time identifiablity or localization utilizing sound materials to express local […]

Listening to recordings in TC202

After going out and making several recordings in Roath Park Conservatory I took my recordings and imported them into Logic (at first) and then after a while of playing with the sounds in Logic, I then moved to Ableton Live. Although I don’t mind using Logic, I find Ableton a lot more visual so I […]

Recording in Roath Park Conservatory

  This is the first time I’ve used a Soundfield microphone so it was all a bit of a learning curve. I should have taken a picture of all the gear but the most basics of it are a an F4 Zoom multichannel recorder, some cables and a Soundfield microphone.   ‘The Soundfield microphone is […]

BioSymphony Project

  BioSymphony I felt like my projected needed a title to make it feel whole/to sum up everything in one word so that I am able to explain it out loud. A BioSymphony is a biological symphony, built up of sounds from organisms in a particular environment. In one respect this could be seen a […]

Field Day at Roath Lake

          Today I went to Roath Lake to start my experiments. This  was  to read what voltages were coming out  of the plant/trees/surroundings. I add surroundings  into this because it wasn’t until I got half way round I realised that actually there must be so many other factors and elements that […]