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Solar Cell + Attempt 2

Attempt two was much more successful! After knowing what exactly went wrong I kind of just came across the code I needed on the Arduino website. It was good for me to take a step back and look at what went wrong and then re-attempt the experiment.         This is the code […]

Last set up + Adding lights

It has come to the point where (scarily) this will be the last setup/test day until the install of the installation. Rosey came with me the Cheltenham so that she can hear what it all sounds like then we have a week or so until we can properly refine and mix things at SHIFT.   […]

Maxuino//ABleton + Humidity Sensor and Soild Moisture Sensors

The next step was to get the humidity and soil moisture sensors working with MAX MSP. link to tutorials: After uploading the Firmata I downloaded the maxuino max patch from the Maxuino website. I also needed to download a CNMAT-externals for the arduino to run through max. Then, following the stages in the maxuino.maxhelp […]

Arduino + Moisture and Humidity Sensors

Over the past few days I have been thinking about active environments and what makes up an active environment. Something that has come to mind is moisture and humidity/temperature. So I thought I would buy a couple of sensors and try it out with Arduino. I have never really got to grips with Arduino and […]

Video: How To Connect MIDI controller to Max MSP


MIDI- Sprout Opening + Testing

  The MIDI Sprout has arrived!   The MIDI Sprout comes with an adapter that allows me to connect it up to my phone and use the MIDI Sprout app or I can input straight into my computer just like MIDI controller. These instructions are useful: MIDI Sprout Instructions     I placed the sensors […]

How do plants emit voltages + Plant-e

This has been puzzling me for a while… I have recently found out that the emission of electrons are a waste product  from bacteria found in the plants roots. The bacteria breakdown organic matter produced by a plant from the photosynthesis process . This first made me questions that I might be wrong about all […]

BioSymphony Final Submission Pitch

Conceptual ideas and things that are important to me   Environmental issues need to be addressed Feel it should be in a subtle way My way of doing this is with the sonogram or by a visual output     How will it be subtle? The sonogram (or visual element) will overdub itself slowly and […]

Max MSP/Envelope/Understanding Ambisonics

  San Fransisco firm Envelop have created a a multi touch controller for spatializing sound called The Sensel Morph. This controller allows for real time sound movement within the Envelop venue.  This space is 3rd order ambisonics system, mediated by Max for Live. B-Format is 1st order which encodes the directional information of a given […]

Field Day at Roath Lake

          Today I went to Roath Lake to start my experiments. This  was  to read what voltages were coming out  of the plant/trees/surroundings. I add surroundings  into this because it wasn’t until I got half way round I realised that actually there must be so many other factors and elements that […]