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an electrode

Definition: An electrode is an electrical conductor that makes contact with the nonmetallic circuit parts of a circuit, such as an electrolyte, semiconductor or vacuum.    

I Built An Oscillator

Apple (Lemon) Watch

Thinking about currents in the organisms I bought myself a Lemon Clock kit to see how it works (Note I didn’t have a lemon, instead I used an apple). Bits of kit include: 2 x copper sticks 2 x zinc sticks a watch with red and black electrical wires coming out of it a strip […]

Plant Sounds

Plant Sounds (2015) is an interactive sound installation by Thomas V. Christie, a composer, sound installation artist and multi instrumentalist based in Montreal. Electronics done by Marc-Alexandre Chan and Thomas V. Christie.  FARR Residency Project   “Plant Sounds is a navigation and investigation of the interior dialogue of a plant. By translating the electrical micro-voltage […]

ET4M -Brief 2

Brief 2 was to make a working patch in max msp using the already made maxuino patch.  We had to then use an arduino to physically control something. I decided to use a light dependent resistor (LDR). I’ve been thinking that what I might do for my final project will incorporate something to do with […]

SAtB Final Performance

Today I had my Step Across the Border Assessment of my installation performance. I think that my final performance went how it was supposed to and my patch did everything that it was meant to do. I had a few problems with it though. I was going to have two lpd8 midi pad controllers and […]

Step Across the Border Performance Idea

For the final performance for my step across the border module I’d really like to make an installation. I am going to show a piece of footage of a journey, maybe on a bike. Then I will have sounds playing with the footage that the audience can change the levels of. This would hopefully make […]


The next device we made was a light dependent synthesizer. When it is turned on the pitch changes depending on how much light the sensor gets The last thing we made was a controller. Using a keyboard, we took out the necessary parts and assembled this. As I had never done much electronics it was […]


In electronics we have been making devices that could be used in the end of module performance. first of all we made a piezo mic to attach onto the acoustic instruments we are making in instrument building to amplify them. We then made leads that we will be able to plug into the desks in […]