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Instrument Building

As I had 2 weeks left in the instrument building workshops I decided to make a larger Kalimba. My small one was quite successful so with this in mind I used the same metal that the smaller one had for the tines. And just used two large boxes (that used to be drawers) and glued […]

Instrument Building – Finished Kalimba!

So here is my finished Kalimba! only spent about an hour on it today – sanding down the sides and making it smooth. I also made the tines, of which I used some old sawing blades and just cut the blades off. They are really good for this kind of thing as they spring quite […]

Instrument Building session 2

In the second instrument building workshop I managed to get the majority or the work done on my Kalimba. I started the session but finising off sanding down the pieces to the right size, then fitted and glued the body of the kalimba together. I used weights to hold the pieces of wood in place […]

First Project

This is my first ever project that involves making my own instrument. I want to try and make something different, that is easy to assemble, cheap to make and overall makes a good sound. My first thought was to make a mini piano, but after looking at how a simpler version of it would still […]