Sometimes when I think about Design Thinking I get quite stressed out about what it actually is. I understand it is a tool to make a product better?A  the moment there is so much information that I am taking in that the simple things are harder for me to understand… Nevertheless, I am going to […]

Through out the designing of this installation, writing about environmental problems and being increasingly more aware of global warming, it has dawned on me that my practice isn’t particularly environmentally friendly. Although I think it is hard to not use energy when making art – especially audio visual art – but I have just been […]

So it took a very long time to think of a title for this body of work. I went through so many different thoughts. I just couldn’t put the installation out there as talking about plant communication and the title be associated with music. I felt that that would be a bit false of the […]

This week we have been testing and experimenting the design I came up with for the installation. A lot of the talk about the installation and how it will works has been  a working theory. But I have always been optimistic that it would work. Once we know whether the installation will work with the […]

  Yesterday I set the sound array in the formation of one world (coloured in blue or purple in the diagram below). I wanted to start working on the sound design of the installation as I new that last time this was something that was really rushed and with a little less thought into it […]

I really struggled with creating a map of my practice.  I see that I do quite a lot of things and some things I feel that some things I work on, such as Sofar Sounds and Electric Soup are separate part of my practice – they are just things I have been doing, and have […] Holly Herndon is an American composer and sound artist based in San Fransisco. Her music is predominantly computer based and uses MAX MSP to create instruments and vocal processors. I am really interested in the way the in which she composes her music with vocal editing and and the use of experimental sounds. […]

  I never knew that this was possible but it turns out that my computer allows me to have two projector outputs! One is through HDMI and the other is through the thunderbolt port with a thunderbolt – VGA adapter. I have wondered if I could get a 3rd projector connected as I have another […]