This video will be useful in a few days time when I try and do this myself. Although this is quite simple, for me it is more about trying to understand how a solar panel works and what you can do with it in max or Ableton.  

I have been doing a bit of research into lighting in gardens/out door spaces. I thought it would be good for me to know a bit about nature/’natural’ environments though the way of design or landscape gardening. A few things that really stood out to me were the way in which there is a whole […]

Instructions for Recording Beneath the metering is the recording section. The E4L Master Bus can record and save multi-channel AIFF files containing the Ambisonics audio. These files can later be played back using the E4L B-Format Sampler or other Ambisonics software. To record Ambisonics audio: First, ensure that Live playback is stopped (the controls are disabled while playback is […]

“Abstract is not a style. I simply want to make a surface work. This is just a use of space and form: it’s an ambivalence of forms and space.” Joan Mitchell is an American Painter and Print Maker and was said to be one of the last bstract impressionists. Working at the same time as […]

I have been thinking about an installation that I could produces as part of MA and in general a project that I think would be super interesting to develop as part of my Major Creative Music Practice Project. After reading a paper titled Site-Specific Soundscape Designs for the Emergence of Sonic Architectures by Jordan Lacey, I have […]

Today I received an email from Cheltenham Arts Council regarding funding and space enquiry. The Cheltenham Arts Council is a registered charity that supports and promotes voluntary arts societies in Cheltenham and  currently have over 60 member societies.   The awarding of grants are to member societies only, and the funding for this comes from two […]

I have been looking into how solar panels work so that I can understand how energy is transformed into electrical current. If my installation is going to go down this route of renewable energy, I think it is important to fully understand the process. I found this simplified explanation of how solar works: A standard solar […]

Over the next month I will be approaching and putting together a monthly programme of events that I hope will engage with the creative community – arts and music. I think that once I have established all my networks with particular spaces and venues then from September/October I hope to engage students with the project […]

Although the installation is now ‘over’, it is important for me that the energy still keeps going with this project. There are opportunities out there that I now need to start applying to with this piece of work – or at least keep working with the concept and seeing how else the project can unfold. […]