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Solar Cell + Arduino: Attempt 1

This is attempt 1 of my solar cell experiment. This is because everything went really wrong. But now that I have had a few hours to reflect on todays experiment I think I can now prepare to redo my solar experiment in a few days time so that it can be successful. I was following […]

Arduino + Solar

This video will be useful in a few days time when I try and do this myself. Although this is quite simple, for me it is more about trying to understand how a solar panel works and what you can do with it in max or Ableton.  

Maxuino//ABleton + Humidity Sensor and Soild Moisture Sensors

The next step was to get the humidity and soil moisture sensors working with MAX MSP. link to tutorials: http://www.maxuino.org/video After uploading the Firmata I downloaded the maxuino max patch from the Maxuino website. I also needed to download a CNMAT-externals for the arduino to run through max. Then, following the stages in the maxuino.maxhelp […]

Arduino + Moisture and Humidity Sensors

Over the past few days I have been thinking about active environments and what makes up an active environment. Something that has come to mind is moisture and humidity/temperature. So I thought I would buy a couple of sensors and try it out with Arduino. I have never really got to grips with Arduino and […]

ET4M – Brief 3

Brief 3 is use to make a visual output whether that be an LED light or a video. In Maxuino I made a simple that turned the light off an on depending how much light the LDR was getting. If it was dark the LED would turn on and if it was light the LED […]

ET4M -Brief 2

Brief 2 was to make a working patch in max msp using the already made maxuino patch.  We had to then use an arduino to physically control something. I decided to use a light dependent resistor (LDR). I’ve been thinking that what I might do for my final project will incorporate something to do with […]