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Studio weekend 2

This weekends mission was to try and ‘hack’ an E4L MAX patch. My aim was the make the sound more reverberant and large in the space the longer you hold on to the plant. First of all I needed to figure out how to make the counter object reset then I can use this to […]


Overall I was quite pleased the final installation. Although there are a few things I know I can work on to improve, I think it was a great starting point for me to understand the Sound Lab and how the array works as well as the limitations of the room – in terms of space, […]

Installation Day 2

After yesterdays sorting out of projections I have been rethinking the space quite a lot. There is a lot of bleed from one screen to another so I think I really need to block off all corners of screens so that the back projections have a clean framed image on the white sheets. The array […]

Video: How To Connect MIDI controller to Max MSP


Max4Live +Ableton

Even though I have been working on a massive patch for most of the semester I have just found out a SUPER easy way to have everything working. I have just been shown how to Max4Live in Ableton and it just made my whole life SO much easier! Now I can really see how all […]

Patch So Far

This is the Max patch so far. I’ve been working away at in drabs. I feel like I am understanding things in Max a lot more clearly now. After having a couple years break from it, things are starting to make a little bit of sense. I get lost in what I have actually done […]

Emergent Tech Installation pre-set ups

So my assessment is tomorrow for my installation project I have been developing over the last semester for the emergent technologies module. As I can’t get into the black box, where I will be for my assessment, to start set ups at the moment I have been designing and sorting out what I will do […]

ET4M – Brief 3

Brief 3 is use to make a visual output whether that be an LED light or a video. In Maxuino I made a simple that turned the light off an on depending how much light the LDR was getting. If it was dark the LED would turn on and if it was light the LED […]

ET4M -Brief 2

Brief 2 was to make a working patch in max msp using the already made maxuino patch.  We had to then use an arduino to physically control something. I decided to use a light dependent resistor (LDR). I’ve been thinking that what I might do for my final project will incorporate something to do with […]