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MVM Final Project

Brief 4 is the 75% Final Project which is an Audio inspired visual media work. Idea Through out this module I have really been interested in the use of montage. Some of the videos that have stood out for me are PJ Harveys ‘Let England shake’ and some of the still images video such as […]

Brief 3

Brief 3 was to produce a short montage work using still images. The work must contain sound/music and narration to tell a story (there is no requirement to use dialogue). I chose this song as the beat has a really nice walking beat to it. My montage doesn’t tell the story of the whole song […]

How Will the Relationship Between Sound and Image Progress?

The relationship between image and sound is that of a complex interaction, where Image and sound seem to become one single element. Images are used to reinforce our emotional response to the music just as the music can be used to intensify our reaction and understanding of the image. It is done to heighten our […]

MVM – Brief 4

Brief 4 is a final piece that can be anything to do with moving images – a music video or maybe even an installation. With a maximum of 3 minutes I will need to record my final piece in a few different ways. A storyboard, maybe a script and then the treatment process. It can […]

MVM Lecture Notes – Abstraction

Abstraction Abstraction gathers videos which move away from mere illustration, preferring to allow graphic elegance to take the place of narrative. Music With Video A music video is a form of exploitations of images or themes. These images or themes can be used as a tool for your work. This video is by M.I.A called […]

Analysing Images

This is a task for my MVM module. To find 4 images that reference the elements of composition within an image – Rule of Thirds, Rule of Odd and Even and the Rule of Triangles. This photograph of a fox uses the rule of thirds. With the sides of the body almost outlining the grid. […]

Brief 2

Final Piece I really wanted to evoke a sense of nostalgia and sadness of something that has done so much for its country being taken out of society after serving its purpose. And to help visualize the ship being slowly tugged down the river with all its significance, and the memories of its journeys and […]

Images Into Music – lecture notes

My second brief for the Music and Visual Media module is to create a sound or a piece of music that is related to a 2D piece of art – A painting, photograph or mixed media etc. some examples of artists that listen to music and visualize it in their art are Jackson Pollock, Mondrian […]

Photoshop Lesson 1

This was my first lesson using Photoshop. I have used it in the past but never really got to grips with it. We started off by importing an image from the internet and getting used to¬† layering images with texts and how to manipulate its style and colouring. I like the idea of using found […]