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Installation Performance

This is the first Installation performance I have done for the Live module. I made this installation whilst I was away on exchange at OCAD U in Canada but have made a few changes to adapt to the room that I was using. I wanted to re-run the installation to see what it would look […]

Live Module

It’s a new start to a new academic year which means I have new modules and projects to start. This module is my Live module where at the end of the year I will be performing something in some description at my final degree show on the 9th of May 2015! I will be posting […]

SAtB Final Performance

Today I had my Step Across the Border Assessment of my installation performance. I think that my final performance went how it was supposed to and my patch did everything that it was meant to do. I had a few problems with it though. I was going to have two lpd8 midi pad controllers and […]

Step Across the Border Performance Idea

For the final performance for my step across the border module I’d really like to make an installation. I am going to show a piece of footage of a journey, maybe on a bike. Then I will have sounds playing with the footage that the audience can change the levels of. This would hopefully make […]