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New Speakers

  NEW SPEAKERS! I have decided that for me to really take myself seriously as an audio visual artist working in spatial sound that I really need to invest in my own equipment to allow me to carry on what I am doing after university. This really means the resources that I will have access […]

Plants + Landscape Design elements

I have been doing a bit of research into lighting in gardens/out door spaces. I thought it would be good for me to know a bit about nature/’natural’ environments though the way of design or landscape gardening. A few things that really stood out to me were the way in which there is a whole […]

Mark Vernon

130-in-1 (More Adventures with Electronic Circuits) (2012) 130-in-1 allows us to eavesdrop as a father and his 10-year-old son bond over a succession of increasingly fiddly electronic experiments &… Source: Mark Vernon https://lastdaysofanalogue.wordpress.com/contributors/musicians/mark-vernon/

Breakfast Thoughts

  What does food sound like? What does music taste like?          

3D Printing Sound in Ceramics

    Looks like someone got there before me! Ah well, this is still pretty cool though! Ricky van Broekhoven a spatial sound designer and the designer Olivier van Herpt have named the project Solid Vibration. They have used sound to manipulate the movement of the material that is being used to build the ceramic […]

Pottery and Sound

As my recent ideas have involved a bit of pottery making, I started to think about how sound and pottery could be connected. If I was to go into a more philosophical or posthuman perspective to this I would probably come up with something like: Pottery; plates, cups, saucers, bowls, mugs have been witnesses to […]

‘b e t w e e n’ at Tent Gallery

Originally posted on Art, Space + Nature Blog:
The first exhibition of the new and continuing MA/MFA Art Space and Nature took place on Thursday 22 October. Performance, installation and language combined to form an exhibition of work on the spaces in between things, the shadow, in all its dimensions.

ECCI Alliance

One of the projects am in involved with this semester is a project that allows me to work with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. (ECCI). Coming from a sound perspective I think that something quite interesting could come out with this new alliance. The idea of the ECCI is to bring people together from […]

Installation Final Decisions on Sounds and Visuals

My max patch is complete and with this so are the final decisions on the sounds and visuals. The 1950’s cleaning advert is my main starting point – this visual will be repeated at the way through the installation as the viewer walks closure the visual. The reason why I chose this video was because […]

Final Project Idea’s

So its coming up to the final decisions I need to make and getting my max msp patches all working for my installation for my final assessment. I have only a couple of weeks to get it all finished! At the moment I currently have one ultrasonic sensor. Originally I wanted there to be at […]