Where to Next

Although the installation is now ‘over’, it is important for me that the energy still keeps going with this project. There are opportunities out there that I now need to start applying to with this piece of work – or at least keep working with the concept and seeing how else the project can unfold.

On reflection, there are several ways I can start to engage with art spaces with the project. Although the project features a lot of tech that I can only source from the university, my next challenge will be to see how I can put this installation together with out the need for this amount of tech. I think this is a good way of thinking because it will definitely open up more options for me in the way in which it is displayed and it also ties in with the concept of the project whereby it is all about different ways of translating/transforming plant ‘languages’. I think it is exciting that the project can be very flexible in the way in which it is installed or perceived.

Getting in touch with places such as Spike Island, Beast and maybe even places where I have connections in such as York and Leeds will really help to establish myself as an artist as well as gain more confidence in what I can do.

But also, I can now start to approach more established thinkers and creatives in the field of acoustic ecology where I can actually feel confident that I have enough knowledge to start these conversations. I have always wanted to run a sound and environment conference so maybe this is something that I can start to think about with the Cheltenham Space Project too. Bringing all my strengths and idea’s and creating it into one big thing.

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